It’s Time for a Change

Things happen unexpectedly. Just when life is running smoothly, it seems like we’re thrown a monkey wrench. Something unplanned – a car problem, health problem, school problem, financial problem, or career problem – pops up without warning, and you have to shift gears and redirect your attention.

Something that was not even a thought in your mind earlier in the day suddenly becomes the only thing you can focus on.

The light illuminating from your car’s dashboard directs you to a mechanic; someone who can effectively observe, analyze, and offer solutions to your problem.

Trip and fall over a shoe your kid left in the middle of the living room, and the next thing you know, you’re heading for medical assistance at the nearest Urgent Care or ER. You go to where the experts are, and you undergo an evaluation to determine the best course for the speediest of recoveries.

Kids challenged by the demands of the pace and testing in school? You work with the professionals – teacher(s), Guidance Counselor, specialists, etc. – to ensure concerns are addressed, support is provided, and progress is monitored.

If you’ve struggled to make ends meet, you’ve likely sought out financial professionals (accountants, advisors, credit counselors) who know how to navigate the legal channels that can allow you to sleep better at night during uncertain times.

When it comes to your career, unexpected things happen every day.

New Boss. You could be cruising along, performing well, at the top of your game, and in line for a promotion. Then, a new boss rolls in with a bunch of people she knows from a prior company. She is already familiar with them. She already knows the skills and expertise those individuals possess. Leaders want to be surrounded by teams they’re comfortable with, especially when they are new to the company. So, don’t expect a promotion any time soon.

Company Acquired. There are mergers and acquisitions nearly every day. In a competitive business environment, many companies are looking to solidify their portfolios. That can lead them to buy – or be bought by – another company. Past promises become invalid, and you get to start over, proving yourself in the same place, doing the same job you’ve successful done for years. Unless, of course, your job responsibilities are re-distributed, or your salary range re-assessed.

You Screwed the Pooch. On occasion, even the most stellar of individuals makes a mistake. We’ve all failed to anticipate or execute, or made a poor decision without having all of the information. As we learn, we reflect upon past experiences and recognize poor decisions. Hindsight helps improve perspective, and may even make you a better candidate for your next opportunity.

Don’t wait. Explore, discover, and validate. It just may be the perfect time for a change. Our job experts are here to help.

It’s a new era. We have an evolving workforce. The need for new skills, and transferable experience has never been greater. Hospitality and service acumen, the ability to communicate in an effective way, the capability of leading and developing talent, influencing people, building teams, and working with vendors and the community are in high demand.  Ready to begin? Start today.