Making the Impossible…Pawsible

Do you remember your first taste of chocolate? Your first kiss? How about the first time you received a compliment? Sweet doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s special; meaningful.

We get that feeling every time we find a candidate a new job. We call it – Making the Impossible…Pawsible.

It’s a corny, dog reference, but it helps to keep us focused on what really matters. Finding a new job is satisfying and invigorating. It’s like a jolt of energy; a renewed sense of self-worth. It’s hard work paying off. It’s validation for patience and perseverance. It’s like trotting around the bases after hitting a fast ball out of the park, dropping a buzzer-beating jump shot, or catching a winning touchdown. Most people never get those opportunities, so the feeling of starting anew and using years of expertise is exciting.

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