We Don’t Do Job Boards

In the last 30 days, we placed 11 leaders into their dream jobs. We take pride in knowing we played a role in someone’s career happiness. Not only the individual, but family and friends too, celebrate success when a person accepts a new job.

You may not know; YELLOW DOG does not use job boards. We give candidates the leverage to discover and explore opportunities – and when employed – to validate a current role against the market.

Job boards require candidates to share information. Technology tries to match these individuals with open job requisitions. It streamlines a process, but it forces candidates to give up a lot.

Candidates must trust a system (where there is no personal contact) with their information.

Job board success is predicated upon using a self-contained system. The system – to function – requires candidates to share information that is then matched with an employer’s open job requisition.

The system does not account for jobs that are not posted. Sometimes, there is an incumbent, and the company is searching confidentially. Other times, the position is contingent upon new business, and the company doesn’t want to prematurely source talent. It’s also important to recognize job boards do not account for candidates who chose not to share their information.

Simply put, the best jobs may not be on a job board, and the best candidates never leave their information lingering.

Our approach is different. We don’t do job boards. We don’t fill requisitions. We find talented people and introduce them to companies they have an interest in. The candidate drives the process, not the company. This approach allows candidates to gather information related to their value in the market. With information, candidates can better assess career strategy and job search methods, and determine for themselves if making a move is appropriate.

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Fees are paid by the employer. Candidates benefit from our relationships. We work in confidence and communicate clearly.