Talent Acquisition. Recruitment. We’ve got a little secret.

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We’ve got a little secret.

We don’t source resumes on job boards.  We find the people who are not responding to job listings, and some that don’t even know they’re candidates yet…more.


Let’s get to know one another.

Since 2005, we’ve placed leaders – entry level to executive level – in Operations, Culinary, Human Resources, Learning, Finance, Branding, and Socialmore.

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Get ready for something different.

We’re in the communities where you operate, visiting your competition, and talking with our network of 70,000+ industry professionals.  Our sources of hire: 65% Referrals, 20% Direct Sourcing, and 15% Social

Let’s get to work.

With a variety of support options, YELLOW DOG has the flexibility to meet your demand for talent…more.

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