About Us

Since 2005, we’ve grown to support the talent acquisition efforts of nearly 100 hospitality and service companies in the US.  We have multiple offices throughout the Country and we place leaders – entry level to executive level – in Operations, Culinary, Human Resources, Learning, Finance, Branding, and Social. 

We are career catalysts.  We’ve created a place where magnetism – the science of attraction – meets the art of matchmaking.

Our Talent Spottersguided by 2 recruiting industry veterans – scout hospitality and service industry leaders who go above and beyond the job description.


Scott Rosenburg, Managing Partner

An experienced client and candidate relationship developer, Scott Rosenburg has a great understanding of best fit. Scott is an expert communicator. He works closely with our clients in an effort to understand their unique needs, and maintains constant communication. Scott has had tremendous success with great companies like Famous Dave’s, Buffets and Houston’s.

Scott’s specialties include: relationship building, inclusive recruitment strategy development, wage analysis, and contract negotiations.


David Rose, VP of Recruiting

David Rose has spent his career recruiting mid to executive level leaders in the service and hospitality industries. David has a keen sense of the candidate experience. He has a track record of success with some of the world’s top service companies including American Express and Compass Group. David co-authored the book, “Getting a Social Media Job For Dummies”.

David’s specialties include: relationship building, inclusive recruitment strategy development, career coaching and counseling, branding, and social engagement.