Talent Spotters

Doctors, lawyers, and even recruiters are bound by their integrity and commitment they make to the people they serve. The confidentiality – under which they operate – is a major component of a successful relationship.

In an age of technology and innovation, it’s easy to get lost in a crowd. Now, more than ever, personal and professional relationships drive careers.

At YELLOW DOG Recruiting, we understand the need to explore and validate constantly. That’s why our network of Talent Spotters works behind the scenes to research and investigate the ever-changing employment landscape.

We know finding a job fit requires a tactful plan. We provide resources, support, knowledge of the marketplace, and advocacy to the candidates and companies with which we work.

We are on the lookout for leaders going above and beyond the job description. Our Talent Spotters are secret shoppers throughout the United States. They are on the hunt for talent, seeking out those who deserve to be noticed.

Have you had a great dining experience? Are you still thinking about the dinner you had last week in your local restaurant? Have you experienced extraordinary service?

Join our network of Talent Spotters, refer and earn. It’s that easy. If you see someone distinguishing him or herself professionally, refer them to us. If we place the person into a new job, we will reward you with a Referral Bonus.