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Random Job Thought #15

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Don’t make it easy for any employer to pass on you. One surefire way to get excluded from consideration is to ditch the job search responsibility off on someone else. If you can’t invest the time in your own career search, what would make a company believe you would invest the time for them?

David […]

Sometimes, You Must Switch It Up

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When you’re a candidate for a new job – by choice or unforeseen circumstance – it’s easy to get lost amidst the competition. And, as if the competition wasn’t enough, candidates have been known to disappear in the vast depths of database systems too.

You’ve been there. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to […]

Get Your Just Deserts

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When the job market is active, it’s just as important to validate as is it to make a change. The grass may not be greener, but, finding out what weed killer a company is using can be valuable too.

We are going through a shift in the workforce. There is less talent available (or less […]

Interviewing is Presenting

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Guest Post by John Dix, Founder, JMD Partnerships
I’ve done a lot of work with professionals at all levels on presentation skills.

Everything from how to physically prepare for a presentation, to content development, to tips to avoid anxiety, to what to do after a presented to guarantee your next presentation is even better
And I have […]

Desperation Kills

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You’ve heard about elevator pitches and networking in professional groups. You’ve been told to become active leveraging your friends, family and professional contacts when exploring new career options. You’ve been encouraged again and again to refine your approach; to develop a clear and concise strategy to find your next great challenge.

Through the course of […]

Behind the Facade

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We like to think of ourselves as individuals – unique. Unique in our experience. Unique in our decision making. Unique in the manner in which we affect the lives of those around us. We like to think that we have the strength and perseverance to overcome challenges. We try to convince ourselves that good […]

No Decision to Make

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It seems like every day I speak with a candidate who wants to make a decision before it’s time. It is human nature to consider the information you have and to want to make a decision based upon that information. An interview process is stressful and time consuming. It requires deep commitment and great […]