Too often, we hear from candidates who want to get out of their current industry. They want new challenges, and they want to take their existing skills and experience elsewhere. In theory, it sounds plausible. It reality, it’s a huge mistake.

Competition is fierce. No doubt about it. Companies are aggressively hiring and struggling to find the talent they need. It can be very tempting to jump ship – to leave the industry you’ve dedicated your career to – to the allurement of a new industry.

The opportunity to leverage current skills in a new environment can sound like an invitation to join The Justice League. Who doesn’t want to be a hero in a new job? Who hasn’t briefly imagined him or herself solving a complex problem that nobody else could?

Companies invest in people. People make the machine run. As a result, there a many people waiting for their chance to climb a rung or 2. As an outsider, it is not likely that you would come into a new role, in a new industry, in the compensatory range you require. Existing employees would resent such a move; affecting morale and loyalty.

It takes courage to do things different, and few companies are willing to take the risk. With responsibilities to shareholders, and other business pressures, most companies seek talent with the same or similar background experience. This tactic enables quick assimilation for the individual. It’s a safe tactic because it allows companies to plug new cogs into the wheel. However, it stifles creativity, innovation, and fresh ideas, and can stunt how the company evolves.

When you feel like it’s time for a change, there are 3 ways you can be the hero of your own story.

First: Take a vacation. Give yourself a break. Clear your mind and rest your body. No good decision comes during chaos. Time away gives you a grander perspective.

Second: Review what you like about your job and industry. Focus on those aspects, and begin to identify other companies in the industry that you admire. Talking with occupational brethren, and establishing relations with a recruiter who advocates for candidates are imperative when initiating a job search.

Third: Reset your expectations. If you’re done, you’re done. If you are determined to make a change in industry, start with your budget and figure out where you can limit spending. You must realign your work and life expectations for this option to be successful.

David Rose is Vice President of Recruiting with YELLOW DOG Recruiting. Follow David on Twitter @YELLOWDOG_01.