No ten-minute calls and never to be heard from again. No sending your resume to every company and hoping something sticks. No lost time taking assessments that disqualify before you even get an interview.  We make it about you.

YELLOW DOG’s personal approach is the difference. Like your personal agent, we uncover opportunities, and help you navigate through interviews. Our team has spent years cultivating relationships in the hospitality and service industries. The people we place are leaders, and decision makers.

We’re flexible, and accessible.

Need something? Call, email, text, private message, whatever works for you. We’re here to bridge communication and help make the interview and hiring process easy.  

We help tell your story – companies and candidates alike – to make sure everyone involved is informed, and committed to respectful and timely communication.  For us, it’s about finding job fit.  

When the right person and the right company come together, great things happen. Move forward.

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