Game on. Giddy up. Start your engines. Ready, set, go. On your mark. Play ball. Tip off. Kick off.  Whatever words get you going, they should be shouting in your ear. The is your career call-to-action.

A new year brings new opportunity. It’s part of the business and school cycle central to your daily life. The winter hiatus from normal schedules is a time of renewal, recharge, revitalization, and refocus. A new year is a new chance for a fresh start. It’s invigorating, and it’s also the reason there are large crowds at the gym every January. People are motivated. The real challenge is figuring out how to harness the energy and enthusiasm, and to use it to your advantage.

Finding new ways to differentiate is an on-going process, but it is controlled by you.

Take stock. Assess your skills and experience. Seek areas to improve or enhance. You are your career sorcerer, concocting a balance of time, experience, goals, and past success. With the right combination of specialized skills and experience, and a history of success year after year, you set yourself apart by defining a unique path.

2016 is all about you. It’s a new year primed for new passion, and a new career. But, you must take the necessary steps to reach your next pinnacle.  So, whatever words get you going, they should be shouting in your ear.

Get going.

David Rose is an author, candidate advocate, and the Vice President of Recruiting with YELLOW DOG Recruiting, a recruiting firm specializing in the placement of leaders in the hospitality and services industries. Follow David on Twitter @YELLOWDOG_01.