Highlight your expertise.  Tell your story.

Your resume is your primary branding tool. It serves as an introduction or snapshot of your qualifications. In some cases, your resume may only be screened for ten seconds.

In the time it took you to tie your shoes…someone already looked at your resume and moved on.

Hiring leaders are overwhelmed by volume. Some of our clients receive 300-400 resumes per open position, and way too many candidates spend more time sending out their resume than actually creating the resume itself. That’s why we launched YELLOW DOG’s Resume Writing Service.

Our team of professionals has years of experience identifying talent for some of the largest companies in the world. It’s that experience that provides insight into the inner workings of interviewing and hiring processes. We know what it takes to get you in front of your next employer, and it begins with the right resume.

You distinguish you. We help tell your story.

Whether you’re looking to progress your career, break into a new industry, or relocating to a new market, we work with you to share your story and highlight your success.

Resume Writing