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Meet Clay Dunn. clay-headshotClay serves as the Chief Communications Officer for Share Our Strength, a national nonprofit that is ending childhood hunger in America through the No Kid Hungry campaign. In this role, Clay leads the brand and media strategy for No Kid Hungry and oversees Share Our Strength’s public relations, digital platforms, design and storytelling.

His team’s work has been widely recognized, winning PR Week’s Nonprofit Campaign of the Year (2015), Blackbaud’s Impact Award for Best Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaign (2014), PR Daily’s Best Advocacy and Awareness Campaign (2014), the Social Media Leadership Award from Knowledge@Wharton (2013), in addition to multiple Telly Awards.

We asked Clay to share his thoughts on our 5 Simple Questions:

What led you to No Kid Hungry?
I was working in cable television marketing at National Geographic and though I loved my job, I wasn’t passionate about the business of television. But I had always been interested in food and food issues, though admittedly hunger wasn’t really on my radar. I knew that hunger existed in America, but I didn’t really know the scope of the problem.

Seven years ago, I got invited to attend a Taste of the Nation event – it’s a culinary tasting series hosted by Share Our Strength, the organization that founded the No Kid Hungry campaign. I enjoyed the event, and then weeks later I saw a job posting to come and help launch the No Kid Hungry campaign. Now I serve as the Chief Communications Officer for the organization.

How is No Kid Hungry different from other organizations?
I think the phrase “anti-hunger nonprofit” probably conjures a pretty bland view for most people. I hope that those who are interacting with us – in our headquarters, at our program sites, at events, or even online – see that this is a vibrant, creative organization that’s relentlessly focused on achieving our mission of ending childhood hunger in America. I’d say we’re different than other organizations because we believe we can end hunger, not just fight it. We also have very deep ties to the restaurant industry – culinary professionals are among the first people who answered the call to help us end hunger in this country. They remain at the center of our work today.

What does the future look like for No Kid Hungry?
We’re making great progress in our work to end childhood hunger in America, with unprecedented movement in the school breakfast, summer meals, and after school meals program. We’re connecting millions of kids with food – more than 460 million meals so far – and our success is showing that we can help kids get the food they need, in places that are safe and trusted, all across the country.

What feedback have you received from your customers, partners, or constituents?
Our supporters are excited about the results we are seeing through the No Kid Hungry campaign. People are inspired, and time and again the most frequent feedback we hear is a question: “What else can I do?” So much of our success is due to the tireless work of advocates, volunteers, fundraisers and local community partners who are doing their part to end childhood hunger.

Another thing we hear from supporters is that they believe that childhood hunger is a solvable crisis – and that they see a role for themselves in helping us do it. No Kid Hungry has a clear solution to this issue and we’re demonstrating that it works.

Besides skills and qualifications, what attributes do you look for in the candidates you interview for employment?
We look for new members of Team No Kid Hungry that embody our organization’s core values: a passion for ending hunger and poverty; the skills to cultivate and empower new people to join this fight; a deep commitment to integrity and quality; an innovative spirit; and team members who will brace our culture of creative freedom and fun.

To learn more about No Kid Hungry, visit www.nokidhungry.org.

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