At YELLOW DOG, we work with you to understand how you measure success, and we develop a job search strategy tailored to your needs. That’s because success means different things to different people. For some, money equals success. For others, seeing family and friends do well is success. Still, others see success as accomplishing goals and progressing toward the next ones.

We’ve been highlighting talented people in our network through our Success Around Us Series, as a way to honor the dedicated souls that keep us motivated, and we hope sharing success breeds more success.

This time, we meet Matt Smith. Matt is Principal Coach at Endure Coaching. Endure Coaching finds itself at the intersection of life, business and endurance sports. They provide long term coaching and support for individuals, businesses, and athletes. They specialize in helping individuals navigate complexities in life, aiding businesses in developing creative solutions for long term projects, and they develop world class endurance athletes.


We asked Matt to share his thoughts on 5 simple questions.

What led you to Endure Coaching?
Endure Coaching is a concept that came from 10+ years of executive and leadership development work and triathlon coaching. I started my career as a leadership trainer which grew into one on one executive coaching about 8 years ago. At the same time, I personally got into racing Ironman triathlons and had friends asking me to coach them athletically. This lead to becoming a certified triathlon coach and investing in the endurance sports industry. As I worked with athletes and executives, I quickly found that most fit the same mold, high performers who wanted to get every ounce out of life, waking up at 4:30am to get a training session in before a conference call, figuring out how to fit a training session in and still be at the kid’s soccer game or inspire their team at work to lead a healthy lifestyle. I was spending as much time helping athletes figure out life as I was developing training plans for them and my executive coaching client conversations were also leading to a healthy lifestyle. Endure was born at the intersection of life, business and endurance sports, we saw this unique sweet spot and built a platform to provide integrated services vs. people having to find a coach or mentor for each area.

How is Endure Coaching different than its competitors?
There are a lot of endurance sports coaches out there that have a significant background in exercise physiology but don’t understand how to help an athlete manage life and training. The number one challenge an athlete faces is simply how to fit quality training in with everything else in life. It’s the same thing with business or life coaches that can help someone manage life priorities or career growth but take a one-dimensional approach. At Endure, our belief is that “stress is stress” and a holistic view helps us manage stress for clients from a three-dimensional view and insure they can maximize all aspects of life.

What does the future look like for Endure Coaching?
Endure is really just getting off the ground but we have seen significant growth both with individual and corporate clients where we offer embedded business coaching services. The intent has always been to let the business grow organically, which is a little hard to swallow for a founder that has always had a 3 to 5-year plan. The concept came organically so it seems right to let the business take shape the same way by providing excellent coaching services. We have started to add new coaches and will add nutritional therapy as a service this next year as well. Partnerships with our business clients where we can come alongside the company as a coach vs. an external consultant have been very successful as well.

What feedback have you received from your customers?
We are blessed that we have had clients that continue to invest in their teams for the long term. On the personal coaching side, we have had clients that have worked with us for over 8 years both on the executive and sport coaching side of the business and they have become great friends – almost family in the process – which is one of our values as an organization. We have had clients gain promotions, lead executive teams and qualify for triathlon world championships all at the same time. I usually don’t share specific results as I’m a firm believer that as a coach, it’s our job to be the “man behind the man behind the man”. The person we are coaching puts in the effort and achieves the result, we’re just there to provide support and guidance along the way. I always tell clients I’ll never take credit for your best days as I don’t want the credit for your worst.

Besides skills and qualifications, what attributes do you look for in the candidates you interview for employment?
The number one thing I look for in a potential candidate is a fit with our values (listed on the website). Throughout my career, I have chosen personally to only align myself with companies and clients that fit a similar values profile and these relationships have all lasted. I believe you can train most technical skills but values are innate and something you need to prioritize in hiring and daily activities.

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