If you are seeking new employment, you have likely labored for quite some time; contemplating the pros and cons, wondering whether there are better options, and fearing that your value in the market is not what you thought it was. The uncertainly can permeate your job search, and affect your performance throughout the interviewing process.

If you’ve applied to more than 5 different jobs, you need a recruiter on your side.

5 different jobs opportunities can become a burden, even to the most dedicated of candidates. 5 jobs are broken down into 5 different applications, 5 assessments, likely 2-3 first round interviews, all followed by multiple – as in, more than 2 more rounds – of interviews. The frequency of communication coupled with the restraints of current responsibilities will hinder your job search.

Imagine the impact if you’ve applied to more than 5 job postings.

Just as great companies seek talent from different candidate pools, savvy candidates must seek out prospective employers that offer the right opportunity, advancement, culture, engagement, and support. Candidates should interview with multiple companies. Multiple interviews sharpen interview skills, and help the individual to determine if there is a void he or she may fill.

Managing multiple interviewing and hiring processes, however, is cumbersome. It requires time, dedicated attention, and flexible scheduling. When you’re employed, managing the administrative aspects of interview processes can become too much to handle.

Great recruiters advocate for you, and work to manage interview administration with you.

From coordinating and scheduling interviews to interview preparation support to developing strategies to improve your interview performance, great recruiters centralize communication. They help you navigate the interview process, and teach you how to draw a correlation between your skills and experience and the role they are looking to fill.

Great recruiters build relationships. They think about relationships today, tomorrow, and in the future. You may be a candidate today, but you could easily become an employer tomorrow. Great recruiters value relationships, and want to understand the factors that drive you (as a unique individual) so they can develop a job search strategy. As a result, great recruiters communicate quickly, honestly, and are very responsive. If this has not been your experience, find a new recruiter.

David Rose is Vice President of Recruiting with YELLOW DOG Recruiting. Follow David on Twitter @YELLOWDOG_01.