Live Interview

The first 30 seconds of your interview are crucial. Information is being gathered, assumptions are being made, and feelings are being validated. Seize the first moments to make an impression. Show charisma, but don’t overwhelm. You’re being sized up.

How to make a great impression:

Exude a positive attitude and pay attention
Maintain direct eye contact
Be Confident
Be a good listener and be aware of body language
Pay attention to the verbiage you use and how you articulate your thoughts
Keep both feet on the floor and sit on the front edge of the chair
Sit on the tail of your jacket…it will force your posture upright
Represent yourself honestly; don’t lie or deceive
Take notes
Use examples to explain your answers
Ask questions pertaining to the position, organization, and training
Don’t use inappropriate language
Don’t speak inappropriately of a former company or supervisor