You know better than most, the talent in the hospitality industry is remarkable.

Attitude and Likability | Leading, Developing, and Influencing | Business Analytics and Financial Management | Accountability and Productivity | Service Expertise | Brand Awareness | Community Engagement | Sales Building and Development

At YELLOW DOG, we spend our days – and many nights and weekends – talking with talented people. We sort through skills and experience, and develop an understanding of candidate needs. We avoid job boards. We know you’ve got that covered. Instead, we spend time refining our relationships, getting to know the person behind the candidacy.


This process drives your applicant to hire ratio down, which allows you to focus on a smaller – yet very high caliber – talent pool.

The competition for talent is fierce, and not just among the traditional industry players. Today, hospitality talent is being sought after by other industry segments including retail, grocery, and on-site dining environments.

Our ability to move quickly, adapting to changing circumstances, can make YELLOW DOG the flexible resource you seek.

Let’s get to know one another. How may we help you?

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