Sometimes we forget how talented we are. Other times, we don’t even know we’re talented. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for the tireless effort, consistency, dedication, and resiliency we endure on a daily basis. We do it for different reasons; we all have different motivation, but it’s important to recognize progress – progress in all aspects of our lives.

We continue our salute to the bold – those destined for greatness – as they pursue their dreams, and inspire us to chase ours.

Meet Jason Tocci. Jason is the Co-Owner and Coach at Fit4Lyfe. Having had success with multiple enterprises, Jason and his wife, Sandy, launched their company in 2015.

What led you to Fit4Lyfe?
Fit4Lyfe was spawned out of my wife, Sandy, and my fitness journey. We loved helping people, and especially helping them achieve their goals. Once we began our own journey, we became more inspired to help others, started virtually with at-home programs, we became certified, started an at-home gym, and then opened Fit4Lyfe. fit4lyfe-new-logo-square-no-shadow-black

How is Fit4Lyfe different than its competitors?
There are many factors that separate us from the competition, such as our unique workout routines, our ability to train athletes at all levels – from the novice to the elite athlete; and we offer a diverse training facility, just to name a few. However, I think the main thing that distinguishes us, are our trainers. Our trainers truly care. We form a connection, and get to know each individual, so we can truly push her (or him) safely past perceived limits. The trainers are set on making sure each person understands what he or she is doing, and we teach proper form with all movements and really take pride in avoiding injury while pushing our clients to that next level.

What does the future look like for Fit4Lyfe?
This is definitely just the beginning for Fit4Lyfe; we have big dreams. Our goal is to help as many people as we can, both, in person and virtually. We will be opening multiple locations and eventually franchising.

What feedback have you received from your customers/clients?
We take client feedback seriously. Thus far, all of the feedback we’ve received has been positive. We are constantly complimented on how the workout is always different and challenging.

Besides skills and qualifications, what attributes do you look for in the candidates you interview for employment?
Attitude and personality. I think those are much too often overlooked as we focus too much on the level of degree/education. I can tell you, if my jobs early in my career were purely based off degrees, I would not be where I am today. I have always been able to prove my value and sell myself at interviews and that is what I look for in a candidate.

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