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To launch our Success Around Us Series, meet Andrew Strauss. Andrew is an innovator, adventurer, relationship builder, people connector, and a lifestyle brand leader for D•CURVE, an eyewear and lifestyle company.Andrew.Strauss.DCURVE.1

What led you to D•CURVE?
It’s been a long time coming, even though we only launched D•CURVE recently. We saw a void in the market and knew we could serve the need. I’ve spent my life exploring countries and cultures, and getting to know people. I’ve always been fascinated with innovation and problem solving, and I’ve found that people everywhere have the ingenuity to move things forward. Whether it be science, technology, or design, I thrive knowing that there’s always a way to do it better.

How is D•CURVE different than its competitors?
Exclusive innovation and design. We have technology that doesn’t exist with the competition. Our ski and snowboard goggles have a sleek look and design. They offer PVT 145 – enhanced peripheral vision – technology which allows the rider to have an expanded view. 145 degrees offers tremendous clarity and visibility unmatched in the industry. Beyond that, our goggles offer removable, washable, reusable, and replaceable BioActive Foam. No goggle zits. No odors. It’s a game changer. Straps are also interchangeable making it easy to be uniquely you on the mountain. Our sunglasses have innovative designs, and feature Nastek P3 technology which protects against UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light. They also have a polarized and hydrophobic coating which resists water, sand, dust, and oil. Our sunglasses are available in a wide variety of active wear and luxury models, so everyone can find a favorite pair.

What does the future look like for D•CURVE?
Sounds like an opportunity to make a corny joke about the future being so bright, you gotta wear shades. Joking aside, we are really, really dedicated to optical health, so we’ll continue to seek new, and innovative technologies that allow us to provide the people we serve with the highest quality, and safest equipment available.

We’re growing the D•CURVE brand and have some great new products preparing for launch including bike, ski, and snowboard helmets, backpacks, and other accessories with new styles and designs.

What feedback have you received from your customers/clients?
Once someone tries our products, there is no going back. Our lenses – sunglasses and goggles – provide clarity, visibility, and eye protection unparalleled in the market. Most of the feedback we get is about how lightweight, stylish, and easy to use our equipment is. Snowboarders and skiers get wide-eyed when we tell them they don’t have to ditch their goggles at the end of the season. Removable, washable, reusable, and replaceable foam seals the deal.

Besides skills and qualifications, what attributes do you look for in the candidates you interview for employment?
I look for people that have a passion to learn. Usually, that means lots of energy, drive, ambition, and commitment. People who aspire for more (whatever the goal is) are focused on improvement. They know that achieving greatness is a never-ending cycle, and they just have to keep pedaling.

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