Talent Madness


We bring talent and employers together. Connecting leaders with opportunity has been our mission for more than a decade. We act as career catalysts, exploring options and engaging candidates every day. Our unique network of hospitality talent doesn’t have time for job boards, and won’t cast out resumes hoping something sticks. We manage through the talent madness, and make finding the right talent easy.


Searching for a new job – especially when it’s unexpected – can be challenging; and finding the right candidate for an open position isn’t always a slam dunk. Let us centralize the search. Don’t react. Plan.


Life is a constant stream of decisions. You make little decisions without thought or consideration, and you make grander decisions that require time and reflection first. Clearly, the weight of the decision affects your approach for tackling it. So, the decision to accept – or decline – a particular job opportunity is fascinating. Read more…



Our commitment – to help you be the best version of you – gives you a leg up on the competition. Quick Links: Resources + Social Guidance and Engagement, Occupational Branding, Find Jobs, Interview Preparation, Video Introduction, and Resume Writing Services.