Welcome to a New Hospitality Stream

The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality since the days of the early American colonies. Sea Captains of New England sailed among the Caribbean Islands and returned to the colonies bearing their cargo of fruits, spices, and rum. According to legends, the captain would spear a pineapple and place it upon a fence post outside his home to let his friends know he had returned from sea. The pineapple was an invitation to visit, share his food and drink, and listen to tales of his voyage.

As the tradition grew, colonial innkeepers added the pineapple to their signs and advertisements, and bedposts carved in the shape of a pineapple were a common sight at inns across New England.

In larger, well-to-do homes, the dining room doors were kept closed to heighten suspense and wonder about what would be served on the table being readied on the other side. At the appropriate moment, the doors were flung open to reveal the evening’s main event. Lavish displays of pineapple-topped food honored visitors.

Any guest who was invited to a party where a whole pineapple was displayed, knew that no expense was spared in guaranteeing the guests’ enjoyment. The crowned fruit became a visual keystone, and came to symbolize the high spirits of the social events themselves.

The pineapple expressed a sense of welcome, good cheer, friendship, and hospitality.

Hospitality evolves as expectations rise. The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers now extends far beyond a smile and greeting. Today, guests demand more, and have more options.

It’s more important than ever to identify new streams of skilled, hospitality leaders.

YELLOW DOG’s network of hospitality talent is an ever-growing group of experienced professionals with specialties in Operations, Culinary, Human Resources, Learning, Finance, Branding, and Social. We know – or can find – the talent you seek.

Welcome to a new hospitality stream.

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