You Won’t Work With One Company Forever

You won’t work with one company forever.  How’s that for an epiphany? Surprising? Maybe not too surprising.

A recent candidate shared a story of her company merging with another, and her position was going to be eliminated. A different candidate accepted a position at a lower level than he held previously because of a promise made when he was hired 5 years ago. A third candidate shared she took a demotion to remain in her market when the corporate office moved locations. A fourth candidate found himself deviating from his career plan after he realized that he just didn’t like working for his current boss, and he wanted to get out.

People change jobs for a lot of reasons.

Sometimes, the person makes the decision. Other times, the company makes the decision. Whatever your reason – discovery, exploration, validation, or simply change – you deserve to know your options. A world of opportunity awaits.

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