You Work Nights, Weekends, and Holidays…So Do We.

Many candidates have selected the wrong recruiter to embark upon a job search before. Many candidates assume all recruiters work the same way, and few take the time to identify the right recruiter for them. As a result, experiences working with recruiters can be mixed.

Candidates should never assume.

Many candidates have only approached job search during times of desperation. They jumped through hiring hoops before. So much so, that they think they already know a company’s hiring process before they begin. They believe all companies are the same, or at least the hiring processes are the same. They aren’t entirely wrong. Sometimes companies use the same assessment tool or the same interview questions as their competition.

The right recruiter educates, advocates, and communicates.

When we work with candidates, we share knowledge. We provide information on the market and opportunities. We advocate. We introduce candidates, challenge employers to consider them, we generate job leads, we coach on areas of focus, we provide feedback, and we communicate at the candidate’s convenience.

You work nights, weekends, and holidays…so do we.

We don’t work 9-to-5. We know your schedule varies. Opening? Mid-day? Closing? We make time for you. Don’t let your schedule hinder your ability to find your next great job. Stop applying and start searching. We can help.

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David Rose, Partner and VP of Talent Acquisition